Graus HU AR

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Full of beautiful spots ready to surprise you, the village of Graus, located at the confluence of the Ésera and Isábena rivers, is also the capital of the famous longaniza sausage.

We will begin the visit in one of the most beautiful places in Graus, its Plaza Mayor (Main square) surrounded by arcades, where the Casa Consistorial (town hall) is located, a 16th century building in the Aragonese Renaissance style.

The multifaceted Joaquín Costa spent much of his life in Graus and his house is still preserved. On Callle Barranco, one of the most popular streets, you can see the monument that was erected in his honour. Another of the symbols of Graus is the basilica of the Virgen de la Peña.

From its cloister you will enjoy a magnificent view of Graus and its beautiful surroundings. Over the years, Graus' longaniza sausage has acquired great fame, mainly because it is part of the Guinness Book of Records as the largest longaniza sausage in the world.

The Graus Longaniza Festival is celebrated every year, proclaimed of Tourist Interest of Aragon.