Roda de Isábena

Roda de Isábena HU AR

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It is the smallest town in Spain with a cathedral and has a unique history that makes it one of the must-sees of our province.

It has been called "One of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain” for many years.

Taking a walk through its medieval spots, discovering its streets and squares, admiring its artistic works, and also booking a table in the inn installed in the cathedral cloister, will transport you directly to another time. Its great jewel is undoubtedly the former cathedral of San Vicente, considered the oldest in Aragon and the smallest in Spain, as well as one of the most beautiful.

The cathedral construction began in the 11th century in Lombard Romanesque style and over the centuries has undergone several reconstructions and expansions. Its beautiful cloister, austere and small in size, is a magical place.