Salto de Roldán 🏜

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To talk of the Monzón Castle is to enter the history of the Templars, in the childhood of King Jaime I and in the last moments of existence of the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. 

It is named after one of the most legendary characters of the Middle Ages, the brave French knight Roldan.

Legend has it that when Roldan, in command of the rear of the Carolingian army, withdrew to France he was surrounded in the San Miguel crag. To free himself from his pursuers, he spurred on his horse who, in a leap, reached the rock in front, overcoming the abyss and leaving his hoof-prints marked on the rock itself.

Nowadays, it is well worth taking a trip through this beautiful landscape, formed by two impressive mallets, the San Miguel (or Sen) rock and the Amán (or Men) rock, dizzying vertical conglomerate formations, through which the Flumen river runs.