Steppes and landscape of Monegros­čĆť

D├ęsert de Monegros HU AR

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You will be attracted by its desert landscapes, unique in Europe, but also its forests of pines and junipers that darkly cloak the slopes of these lands. Hence, the name of this area (mon-negro (black)), in which different villages have left their mark.

Over time, nature has chiselled an unusual landscape into the area called Los Monegros, south of Huesca. It is the terrain that connects the southernmost part of the plain with the Monegro steppes.

The broken rocks, the solitary hills and the torrollones (huge rocks that defy the passage of time with their unbelievable verticality) captivate us and make us remember the films of the wild west, some of them shot in these lands. The Sierra de Alcubierre mountains serves as the backbone of Los Monegros.

Given their strategic situation, these mountains were highly significant during the Civil War, which left Aragon split in two. The British writer George Orwell was fighting on the Republican side Do not miss the Laguna de Sari├▒ena, one of the largest salt lakes in Spain and one offering the best conditions for watching water birds in Aragon.

In the surroundings of Sari├▒ena you will also find the Charterhouse of Nuestra Se├▒ora de las Fuentes, the first of those built in the Kingdom of Aragon. Nearby, in Villanueva de Sijena, one of the greatest artistic treasures of the region awaits you: the Sijena Monastery. Romanesque in style, it houses the sarcophagi of members of the royal family of Aragon.