La Carrasca de Lecina 🌳

Bárcabo HU AR

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If you would like to see one of the oldest trees in Aragon, do not miss the spectacular Carrasca de Lecina, the ancient oak that gives its name to the town. 

With a trunk seven metres in diameter and standing almost seventeen in height, the Carrasca de Lecina is one of the most outstanding monumental trees in Aragon and winner of the European Tree of the Year 2021 title.

Once you have visited the oak, take a walk through the charming town of Lecina, where you can admire how well-preserved it is. In the village, belonging to Bárcabo, you can discover numerous examples of popular architecture, with stone-walled houses and tiled roofs, such as Casa Sampietro and Casa Carruesco.

Its church, originally from the 16th century, will welcome you at the entrance of the village. In the vicinity of the town, very close to the hermitage of San Martín, you can enjoy a set of small vaults with schematic prehistoric paintings in red, black and white.