Serrablo Romanesque hermitage ⛪️

Sabiñánigo Huesca Aragón

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A fairytale route between churches dating from the 10th to 11th centuries, ascribed to the first Aragonese Romanesque 

The main attraction of the route through the churches of Serrablo is its charming location in small fairytale villages, located in the surroundings of the Tena Valley.

Architecturally, they belong to the Lombard Romanesque style, which makes them unique places of interest. They are small, usually have a single nave with apse, and both the austerity in decoration of the exterior and their slender belltowers are characteristic.

The churches are: San Martín de Arto, San Juan de Busa, San Bartolomé de Gavín, Santa María de Isún de Basa, Iglesia de Javierrelatre, San Pedro de Lárrede, San Pedro de Lasieso, San Miguel de Latre, San Martín de Oliván, San Martín de Ordovés, San Miguel de Orna, Santa Eulalia de Orós Bajo, San Juan de Orús, San Andrés de Satué, Santa Eulalia de Susín.

Some of these, such as San Juan de Busa, San Martín de Ordovés and San Martín de Oliván are usually open. To visit the others it is necessary to enter with a key, which one of the local residents usually keeps.